Jeweler and early makerAntoine-Boulay-Modzart-269x300

Antoine Boulay is a jeweler, specialized in the digital industry and 3D printing. He works with luxury trademarks (Baccarat, Christian Dior, Swarovski, etc.) and teaches computer aid-design (CAD) to the jewelry department of the Ecole Boulle in Paris.

Fascinated by new technologies, he is one of the pioneers to explore the potential of 3D modeling and prototyping in the jewelry and luxury industries (starting in the 1990s!). He is guiding developers towards new usages of their products and the luxury companies towards new ways of conception. He started his own company to work for luxury trademarks as a craftsman, modeler and prototypist.

By launching Modzart, he wants to share his passions and know-how with a wider audience.